When We Search We Ask For Help – Do You Have The Answer?

When We Search We Ask For Help – Do You Have The Answer?


One of the biggest case studies we have is with our client Australian Stock Saddle Company in Malibu California.  When visiting Colin Dangaard, CEO, we were interrupted every 20 minutes or so with a support call that sounded the same – a customers saddle didn’t fit the horse correctly.

After asking Colin about the problem he said that the return of saddles and having his specialists have to to re-shape and ship back the saddles to his customers was costing him about 100k a year in total resources.  So of course the natural question I asked was “Is there a solution to this?  How do you measure your horse for a saddle”?  Colin said in his thick Aussie accent, “Right mate, I’ll show you and all you need is a shirt hangar, piece of paper and a felt tip pen”.

At that point I saw the perfect opportunity to test a theory.  At the time, the keywords “how to measure a horse for a saddle” were pretty wide open.  So I ran to my back-pack and grab what was then the best new cam – the Flip Mino.  THAT’S ALL SHE WROTE!

To this day, not only does this show up in the top ten of the targeted keywords but the video below is now a staple in informing both saddle maker and rider of the perfect measuring system.  As well, after talking to Colin a few years later, the video below has saved him around 80k per your in all the shipping and repairing he use to do.

So I ask – do you have an answer for the people who are looking up your targeted keywords?  Colin does……

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