Speaking at the Hawaii Internet Marketing Association Session – No Jazz Hands This Time?

Geebz Speaking Fames Hawaii3.00One of the things I enjoy doing is making presentations at seminars and workshops.  For some reason speaking in front of people comes easy for me unlike playing golf.  But the real reason I enjoy making presentations  is my passion for sharing with business professionals ways to help their business succeed in the crazy world of social media and search engines.

But am I going to be preaching to the choir?  This upcoming presentation is going to be a first for me whereas it will be done on front of those who are dedicated to their internet marketing and some do what I do – competitors to my own business model.  A  percentage of the attendees are SMO/SEO professionals who have done their homework and are not likely to get lost in the vernacular.

As well, most of the attendees are going to be people that have already established their internet marketing programs but are looking for the next social media edge to keep them in the game.  Everything I’ll be bringing to the gig will be raw and uncut info with my usual “Jazz Hands” but still, speaking in front of serious minded internet marketing pros can set off the HeeeBee GeeBeee’s.  It will be like getting on stage and doing a guitar-sherd session in front of other rock guitarists – could be scary.

The reality of what I’m going to present is not going to be a typical social media rah-rah event.  It’s going to be about the implosion of social media as it’s occurring.  As social media started it was the great equalizer where click-and-mortar brands could penetrate corporate messaging with organic content, but unfortunately many are following the old school call-to-action content and slipping backwards in their messaging……..more about that when I speak…….any-who.

The Hawaii Internet Marketing Association was established around 2012 and aims to bring together Hawaii businesses of all sizes together to learn about ways to increase their online viability and sociability.  Founders Brodi Groshi and Randal Fujinaka are two successful businessmen here in Hawaii that I have had the pleasure to speak at their engagements in the past so they know what their in for on October 1st when I hit the stage 🙂

The theme of my speaking engagement is “The Social Media Implosion: Are You Weathering The Change”.  I’ll be talking about the over saturation of social media options and how not to get caught-up int the spin of competing social media distribution points.  Of course I’ll throw in a bunch of other super-key info to make it all make sense.  See you there! #HiiMA2013 FTW!

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