Social Media Tactics

Social Media is a Point of Engagement but Search Engine Optimization is our Target!

One of the most important things you have is your passion and total knowledge of your product.  In most cases, you understand your audience and their needs and you have your content ready to go.  But do you know how to release your content to get the maximum possible views, not only from the targeted audience within social media sites but the passive audience of search engines?  But Social Media is MUCH BIGGER than you think – Are you looking for answers on FaceBook or Google?


So here’s some basic questions for you:

  • Is your Social Media content providing a SOLUTION to a search?
  • Is your content remark-able?
  • Are your keywords in the right part of the title so that search engines recognize it?
  • Did you do your keyword density in the description of your distributed content?
  • Are your content tags deep enough?
  • On multi-distribution, did you flip keyword phrases to effect the passive audience?
  • When you posted your content in Facebook did it re-direct to your website?
  • When you blogged about your content, did you set up a triangulation (blog>Facebook>Twitter>Website) with URL linking?
  • When you “Tweeted”, did you draw the people to the right content to get people to commit to the next move?
  • Are you re-engaging your “friends” in a timely manner?