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Social Media Success Is In Your Story - PMG International Hawaii

Social Media Success Is In Your Story

Social Media Success Is In Your Story

We are moved by stories.  Stories effect us in many ways as in just watching the news we can go through a pallet of emotions.  Using the same emotional pull to get people to buy your product of services is no different in using social media.

Being that people will research you and all your competitors, having a compelling story about your passion for your product can bring your potential customer closer to that “buy” button.  As well, you can educate your potential customer by putting out content about your product/services but in a narrative that includes your passion for your services.

This is one of my past clients that to this day, this video is one of her biggest deal-closers.  As an option to pop-culture exercise, Healing Hula is a mind, body and spirit experience.  Do you now what Healing Hula is?  This is her story…….

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