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Social Media Burnout - Facebook, Twitter Exhaust Click and Mortar Companies

Social Media is like a Gym Membership – No Workout, No Results


Social Media is like a Gym Membership – No Workout, No Results

For almost 7 years I have taken on clients as a social media strategist.  Helping to create angles for the their social media approach for getting their initiative up-and-running has always been a blast for me but alas, I find that almost 70% of the people I have worked with have “stopped working out” and their social media has turned into flab.

Like a gym membership, at the beginning everyone is excited.  They have made the commitment to make a change in how they go about focusing on the results they want to achieve.  The first few weeks you show up at the gym and really work out hard.  Your excited that you can feel the difference and if done right, see the difference.  But once again, around the comfort zone of seeing some results, you start to cut back on some of your days, and eating habits.  After a couple of months, that 70% of people are back at their old weight and even might be a bit larger – flabby.

Just like my gym membership example, this is exactly what happens when you’re social media begins to lose steam – flabby content or even worse, losing your consumer following.  Like working out at the gym, the first few months are considered the toughest.  Getting conditioned and into a routine takes time.  Then once you hit your desired stride, you just maintain.

For me, I would start a new gym routine that would be 5 days a week with various routines until I get to the way I wanted to look.  Then I scaled back almost 50% to work the targeted areas where I needed to improve.  This is exactly how you need to approach your social media mission.  GO-GO-GO!!!!

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