Voice Over Recording and Translation Services

PMG International Honolulu provides Voice Over and Translation services for all media including social media including recording services.


One of the most unique opportunities that you have if your marketing yourself in Hawaii are all the languages that are spoken here.  One if the most overlook parts of most peoples marketing from Hawaii is the power of the diverse languages that can be used in videos and web-text.

  • Translation Services – Languages
    • Hawaiian
    • Korean
    • Japanese
    • Chinese
    • Spanish
    • Vietnamese
    • Filipino

    Here are sample of some of our recent work with Martin and MacArthur

PMG International has been producing radio jingles, TV commercials,  social media and voice over projects for over 10 years.  Along with the basic services of producing and recording voice overs in Honolulu we also produce voice over services in different languages.

  • Full Voice Over Services Include
    • Commercial Spots
    • Audio Books
    • Radio Shows
    • Radio Spots
    • Tourism Services

PMG International only works with the most professional recording studios in Honolulu that can bring you the expected professional sound without stressing your budget.  The main studio that we use have the industry standard equipment:

  • Pro Tools 10/11
    • Neumann U 87
    • Telefunken U 47
    • Universal Audio Mic Pre
    • ISDN Line