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Using "Life Hacks" for Social Media Success Using Video - PMG International Hawaii

Using “Life Hacks” for Social Media Success Using Video

Using “Life Hacks” for Social Media Success Using Video

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I constantly get asked “how can I produce a social media viral hit with video for my business”?  At that point you can hear the gasp of frustration from my ears and I calmly say “can you help me”?

For SOOOOO many years I have been telling clients or attendees at my workshop that in order to better your chances of creating a “hit” with video that serves the purpose of the branding to funneling sales mission is to help someone.

The Life Hack (how to) video is going to be your answer in getting the attention you want for your brand.  Producing fun, informative videos helping people solve brand related issues and you’re on your way to getting the attention you want.  But does that mean you’ll get thousands of view that leads to sales?  The answer is……………maybe.  Most likely it will lead to strong brand recognition and “next step” response.

So here’s an example I’ll use from my personal experience.  So I have a non-profit for music and kids.  While shooting a music video it had occurred that 80%of the people that tried to play the Kazoo had no idea how to do it.

So I decided to do a “how to play the kazoo” video and poof – I’m #1 in the search of “how to play the kazoo” with well over 100,000 views in the last year.  Does that make me a viral hit?  Well, for SEO it does.

Being that I don’t sale kazoos I can measure what the probable buy ratio would be but I have gotten about 100 inquires to buy the kazoo that is in the video since it launch.

So really, I’m sure that you business can provide some kind of super cool hack video that would at least make your brand interesting.  Least you can do is try one……… if your competitor hasn’t you’ve got one-up on them if you do.


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