Can Smartphones and Tablets Slow Down The TV Revenue Spiral?

family-tvIn 2009 I ran a campaign for Hawaii Music Supply on Time Warner Oceanic TV’s OC 16. The call-to-action was for people to go to the YouTube channel I set up for HMS to get their free ukulele lessons.  In a two week period we saw a 20% jump in YouTube views and in-store Ukulele sales that tracked back to the campaign.  At the time I saw this a ground breaking in Hawaii and figured that everyone would catch on, but I was wrong.

Now that PMG International handles a couple of clients that integrate traditional with their social media, I have been whipping out content on social media that get’s bursts of engagements when crafting traditional ads. These campaigns are more than “deals”, they are full-on give away campaigns that effect their Google and social media rankings.  Still having fun……. 🙂

So after running my last traditional to social media campaigns I’ve looked over some data and I wanted to share this with you.  After testing a couple of the targeted age/media demos another cool observation is that I found that over 70% of us have either our smartphone or tablet with us while watching TV. At commercials most of us check status updated on Facebook, Tweets, Instagram and Vine to kill time. SO how do we, the marketers, use this?

Aside for those of us who have our smartphone with us while watching TV, sometimes there’s someone in the room not watching tv but on their device dinking around with apps, Facebook – whatever. Then they turn around when they hear something, something that catches their interest – you know they can still hear the TV even though they might be tuned out. So……..

How about something like “First person to watch this video on (brands) YouTube and finds Waldo and tweets the answer to @ (brand twitter) wins a (whatever)”. You have just actively sent traffic (engagement) to further brand the client. As well, this type of campaign circumvents corporate radio and TV restrictions to run campaigns that drive traffic back to station FB pages

Now lets not get this confused with the tired campaign to “like” us and win or hash-tag and win spins. I’m talking about showing clients the numbers of organic campaigns that will boost their SEO and SMO positions as well as the relative tv/radio cume impact.

I’m just thinking outside the box. Like my company mantra says – “Best Way To Deal With Change Is To Create It”.

I write good >_<



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