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July 2013 - PMG International Hawaii


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  • 7667 Rain Chains Ds

    What Are Rain Chains – Video Answers

    I’m sure that you already know that using video is now a very important part of your online marketing.  Though video is considered social media it is really an extension of the kind of media we are use to getting our info from – TV. …

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  • ScreenHunter 05 Jul. 03 11.22

    Jon Lovitz Social Media Pre Game Spin

    Yea, I have a few funny friends that make a living making you laugh.  What a gig, right?  Well, I thought I would make him laugh with my skills as a camera guy while shooting his first social media video announcing the opening of his …

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  • Kapala

    Hawaii Music Marketing and Social Media


    Though I now spend my later years in Hawaii with my family and enjoying new media marketing, most don’t know that I’m a semi-retired music producer.  Understanding the power of the internet in the late 90’s brought me to this place where I now help …

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  • Saddle Seat

    When We Search We Ask For Help – Do You Have The Answer?


    One of the biggest case studies we have is with our client Australian Stock Saddle Company in Malibu California.  When visiting Colin Dangaard, CEO, we were interrupted every 20 minutes or so with a support call that sounded the same – a customers saddle didn’t …

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  • Hula

    Social Media Success Is In Your Story

    We are moved by stories.  Stories effect us in many ways as in just watching the news we can go through a pallet of emotions.  Using the same emotional pull to get people to buy your product of services is no different in using social …

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